Friday, March 27, 2009

The Star of Confusion

A weather report before I get started:
5 day forcast in Spartanburg- Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain
5 day forcast in St. Petersburg- Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow
See it could always be worse.....

The star of confusion. Let me explain. Imagine a star with 5 points. The center is us. One point is Portia (our home study social worker) and the other points are C.W.A Flat Rock, C.W.A. Charleston, the United States government offices, and the final point of the star is Russia. Are you with me so far (cause that was the easy part).

We are at the stage now of all of those points needing to connect. Portia provides documents to C.W.A. in Flat Rock and C.W.A. in Flat Rock transfers the documents to C.W.A. in Charleston to be notarized. (The reason for that hand off is so that we only need to get documents Apostilled in Columbia, not in Columbia and Charlotte, NC) Which will save us precious time and money. Portia will also provide information to the USCIS office for our visas and 1-600A form to be approved (See U.S. government point) THEN all of those documents supposedly makes their way back to us so that we can in turn, send them to the SC Secretary of State's Office to be Apostilled (the Notary for the Notary) to send to the final and post important point of the star- RUSSIA. Are you as confused as I am? Now I say supposedly because none of this has actually happened. We are just "hanging out in limbo" Today I sent about 15 emails asking who exactly was going to provide which document and when. At this point it's a matter of logistics. We've done everything that we can do on our own power.

It's a matter of those other points of the star coming together!

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