Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Awanta and beyond.....

We had a great time this weekend on the parent youth retreat at Awanta. We just got back a few minutes ago and boy are we tired. We played games and fellowshipped all weekend long- even though we stayed up way too late and woke up way too early, it was a fantastic trip. We had daily devotions, praise music, gross games, hummer rides up the mountain, and horse back rides. Chad had "parents only" and "youth only" classes and I think overall it was a great trip. Pictured above is our whole group, minus a few families that had to leave early and me. Notice the empty space in the front row- I will be photoshopped in at a later place and time. And my d-group, minus Ms. Debbie, Erin, Katie, and Lauren who were not able to make the trip. They are so precious!
This weekend demonstrated the love of family and the love for our children. We have some really great kids in our group and some really fun loving and devoted parents too- I mean, if you really didn't love your kid- would you stick an Oreo to your forehead and wait for it to melt and run down your face? Go Pirate Carol!
Or sleep on glorified army cots with one shower per 20 campers?
I don't think so! It just goes to show we would go to the ends of the earth for our children- whether that be an hour away at a retreat center sleeping in the wilderness or thousands of miles away in a Russian orphanage.
Thanks Uggie for updating the blog for us! Our baby will have the best Auntie in the World!
XOXO- Sarah

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