Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Little Matryoshkas!

Some people have asked us- Why Russia? When we first started seriously looking into adoption this year, we bought a book by Dawn Davenport called "The Complete Guide to International Adoption". In the back of the book it had each country listed side by side in a comparison chart- kinda with pros and cons of each. Some we crossed off the list right away. China-4 year waiting period after the Dossier is submitted. Japan- mostly older children with special needs. Guatemala- closed to America right now. Ukraine-One trip to the country but be prepared to stay 30-45 days, making the cost one of the most expensive.
Then we read about Russia! It seemed to fit our needs perfectly. It was one of the more expensive places due to the two trips into the country, but we came to the conclusion that we don't have $25,000 in our bank account, so really in the grand scheme of things- is that what's holding us from choosing Russia? A place where we both feel so drawn to? We are trusting in God to supply our needs to bring our baby home- let's trust him fully. AND- I told him "If we choose Russia, I can buy REAL nesting dolls!" He just shook his head "Really, Sarah? Nesting Dolls? When people ask us why we choose Russia- we'll say 'Nesting Dolls', that's a great plan" I love these little things (called Matryoshkas in Russian) I bought the set pictured above in Alaska after we were first married. I have a few other sets too.....They just fascinate me. I was searching the net when I came across this children's book called "My Little Matryoshkas"by Tanya Roitman. Each doll represents a different day of the week and a different Russian food dish (ex: Monday the doll makes Borscht) Each nesting doll comes out of the book and are just darling- the illustrations are intricate and colorful, and the book will be a great reminder of our child's heritage. Just perfect!

Now that is cute! So now if you ask me "Why Russia?" You can see why..... I mean who doesn't love these things? O.K-I hope you know I am joking- I really don't know why we chose Russia, some decisions just feel right the second you let your heart rest on the idea, and that was certainly the case for us. Matryoshkas or not. The Matryoshkas are just a bonus.

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