Friday, March 20, 2009

Auntie Uggy reporting for blog duty!

Hello blog followers! In lieu of Chad and Sarah being gone on the Parent Youth retreat with the church youth group, Sarah asked me (Brittany) to take over blog duties for a couple of days! For those of you that do not know me, I am Sarah's younger sister, and soon to be "Auntie Uggy". Long story on the uggy part...but anyways, here goes....

I can't tell you how excited I am for my nephew or niece to arrive. Whenever anyone asks me the question "What's new?" I now get to say " sister and brother-in-law have decided to adopt a child from Russia"! I am so anxious for Chad and Sarah to get that call that they have been referred a child. To find out how old they are, if they are a boy or girl, and how long it will be until they can join our family. But the thing that I am MOST excited about is seeing the joy on my sister and bro-in-laws faces.

I keep thinking how BLESSED this child will be, they have no idea how lucky they will be. They will have the best parents in the whole world...a Mom who is a fantastic cook, and actually likes to make cookies and brownies, who is understanding and easy to talk to, and a Dad who plays the guitar AND the drums, and is tenderhearted and giving. Not one, but THREE sets of grandparents who are going to spoil him or her ROTTEN, who would do anything for anybody that's not related to them, so imagine what they do for people who are related to them? An entire church family that will love and look after them, and a whole youth group full of super fun kids to look up to and play with. Not to mention they will have their very own pony (Annie) that lives in their house to ride, AND a pretty cool Auntie Uggy! :) I mean REALLY, how much better could a kid get?

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