Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today's home study went very well! After weeks of preparation and worry- it went off without a hitch..... We woke up early this morning and took the dogs to "doggy day care" a.k.a. Brittany's house and came back to the house- the quiet, puppy free, totally spotless house. It was eerie! Portia was running a little late because of the bad weather (she lives in Columbia). So Chad and I sat on the couch and talked about what we thought she was going to be like, how long she would stay, and what she would ask us. But around 11:00 she had arrived and we mostly sat down and talked for several hours- how we met, our engagement, our parents, our jobs, the church. Then we moved onto parenting, discipline, and our quiet "organized" lives pretty much changing forever after the baby arrives. We ate lunch together- Southern Hospitality dahlin'! I made chicken salad, croissants, fruit and some cookies and I think she was surprised that I made lunch for her! But us Deetz, we like to eat! Naturally- if you are in our home during breakfast, lunch time, or dinner time- food will be had of course. Then she spoke with us both individually very briefly and that was that.
I handed her the last few items needed off our home study check list (agreement to allow post-adoptive reports, our net worth statement, three years of income tax returns, our certificates from our online training courses, and our doctor's letter of good health.) Check! Check! Check! Check all that stuff off the list..... Now it's on to preparing items for our Dossier to send directly to Russia. How cool is that? I love checking things off- it's my favorite!
Oh I forgot to meantion our friends the Mathis family are coming over for dinner- we are going to have a "Mess up the House" party- I made dinner and some maple white chocolate blondies with gooey maple topping...Mmmmmm. Life will be back to normal, and three Mathis kids are just what the doctor ordered! Yeah!

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