Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bermuda v. Uncle Sam

Usually you can find me at H&R Block about a week before April 15th. This year I was especially dreading income tax time because this is the first year Chad hasn't been a full time student, so I figured that we would have to repay Uncle Sam this year. So I was planning on waiting until April 11th or so to file our taxes- HOWEVER, we needed to provide our last three years income tax returns for our home study, including 2008. So I went on Friday, March 13th (fitting huh?) to take care of it early and I was pleasantly surprised that we were getting money back. Well, yesterday we received our return via direct deposit (that was fast huh?) So literally we paid Uncle Sam weekly from our paychecks, then Uncle Sam paid us back from our tax returns, then we are going to turn around in the next weeks and put the money right back into his pocket when we pay the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to file our Petition for adopting an orphan. Maybe we'll earn like 25 cents in interest before we need to give it back.....but then we'll have to claim that interest next year. Do you see the vicious cycle here people? But truthfully, we couldn't be more happy to have the money to go ahead and take care of that!
It's funny how your life can change so quickly. After Christmas we were planning to use our tax return for our annual cruise (this year it was going to be Bermuda!) And three short months later we are saying "I am so happy we can pay the government our tax dollars back again!" You've seen those commercials- having a baby changes everything? Well it's certainly true.

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