Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

Shopping has always been my drug of choice. Having a bad day? Let's go to the mall! Having a bad hair day? Let's check out Target! It's Thursday? Let's run to the shoe store! I love to bargain shop and as some people pride themselves on how expensive their purchases are..... I am a HUGE fan of the Goodwill Clearance Center in Greenville (Clothes are $1 a POUND there and you can find stuff with tags still on them!) and I always head straight to the clearance section so I can say "Guess how much this cost!" However, I have voluntarily given up my "drug" for the adoption. "Hello, My name is Sarah and I haven't been to Ross since January 4th!"

BUT after the crummy day yesterday I had a small shopping rehab set back. I went to Burlington Coat Factory today. Now I did walk right past the purses, shoes, and $9.99 coat clearance section mind you and I brought Chad as my accountability partner. We spent an hour looking at cribs, bouncy chairs, rockers and highchairs. We ooohed and ahhhhed at all the cute "mini grown up clothes" (those are babies clothes that look like grown up clothes- little leather jackets, blue jeans, and suits and ties...) And we couldn't leave without one adorable addition! Here it is........ It's a cute super soft blanket that says "Rockstar" Too cool- This is going to be one cool baby.
So onto another topic- the money. Not to go into great detail, because I'm sure you just want the facts- we were able to re-allocated some money in our fund to pay for the $800 for our home study final payment. BUT in the next few weeks we need to come up with $910 to send to USCIS because CWA cannot pay for these "outside" costs. That wasn't originally what we were told, but we'll be o.k. We are actually getting some $ back from Uncle Sam in taxes, so worst case scenario is we'll tap into our baby nest egg until some other funds are available from our return. It's all going to work out and be just fine. I am still a little worried about all the small miscommunications we've been having with the agency, but like they say- "Don't sweat the small stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff" and you should be just fine. So we'll worry about USCIS in a few weeks, right? Until then maybe having a monthly shopping relapse can't be all that bad.

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